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Stretch Tents 6x6m- R650.00

Stretch Tents 6x10m - R950.00

Price Includes Setup - Excludes Delivery




Step 1 Lie Material open flat on the ground.

Step 2 Fasten 4 corner ropes to pegs.

Step 3 Connect the 2 meter poles together to create 4 meter pole.

Step 4 Place tennis balls on top of all poles. 

Step 5 Lift material and place 4 meter pole in center of material. 

Step 6 Secure any further ropes. 

Step 7 Place all meter poles under tent at an angle.



DO NOT place the loose poles or pegs in or on the material when NOT in use. 

DO NOT lie the loose poles or pegs on or under the matrial. 

The pegs and balls must be placed in a plastic bag when not in use. 

Please DO NOT use any SHARP objects that can damage the material. 

No open fire close to tents PLEASE


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