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All our party bags, boxes or tubs are specially and uniquely packed with love and consists of the following:

*    Packet of Cheetos or Nik Naks Chips

*    Chocolate (Bar One, Tex, KitKat or PS)

*    Chomp Chocolate or Smarties

*    Packet of cookies

*    Sucker

*    Fizzers

*    Marshmallow Sweets

*    Fruit Juice

Themed Treat Bags - R35.00 - Inc Juice & Sweets (Perfect for School)

Themed Treat Box, Tub or Gift Bag - R40.00 - Inc Juice & Sweets (Can be personalized)

Uniquely Printed Party Box - R45.00 - Inc Sweets, No Juice - (Allow 2 weeks for printing)

Uniquely Hand Made Treat Box or Gift Bag - R48.50 - Inc Juice & Sweets